As an author of erotic science fiction, Crystal Raven is an archetypical seeker of sovereignty in all forms and facets whose desire is to ignite and spread the flames of passion and freedom amongst humanity. Walking the self-determined path of the hero's journey, Crystal is committed to personal and planetary evolution.‚Äč

Crystal Raven Third Journal

In the third journal of Virtual Mirrors, Gemma continues on her path of self discovery with an ever increasing awareness that her quest has become more than singularly focused on sexual gratification. As the implications of her technologically advanced robotic creation become more clear and consequential, Gem deepens her alliance with the one man who seems to have all the answers. The enigmatic and handsome Armory Drake had earned Gem's trust by being the first to point out the dangers that she had inadvertently invented. This same man just so happened to possess every trait in a male that Gemma had been searching for. Was this all too good to be true? So many things just didn't add up in her mind. Could Armory be her ally in shifting the current trajectory of enslavement for humanity AND be the alpha male she has been searching for?

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Welcome, I invite you to awaken your passions and sensual desires in a world of futuristic AI. The Virtual Mirrors collection showcases our empowered heroine, Gemma Sullivan and her quest for sexual liberty and gratification against the futuristic backdrop of global authoritarian rule.

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