Virtual Mirrors BookClub Notes with Ms. Raven

A big shout out to Alex Lee in NYC and her awesome group of ladies for hosting our first book club meet and greet. We all toasted with the complimentary swag wine glasses as I shared the origin story of how Mr. Raven and I created the avatar Crystal Raven and inspiration behind the main characters Gemma and Armory.

‘It was a delight to hear all the rave reviews and that the group found our story; “Addictive,” “Refreshing,” “Exciting,” and “Unpredictable.”

We spoke of how our story is modeled after The Hero’s Journey and that transformation is at the core of our character development. I also shared some juicy tidbits from my relationship with Mr. Raven and how they are woven throughout the journals.

We wrapped our session with a reading from one of my favorite passages from the book with resounding applause. This section speaks to tantra as a potent alchemical vessel for transformation, creation and the expansion of our consciousness. This passage also contains part of a beautiful and profound poem Mr. Raven wrote in 2012. Enjoy! Reach out today if you would like to host Virtual Mirrors for your book club.

Excerpt from Virtual Mirrors, Fifth Journal
“Out of all the forbidden books that I inherited from my Grandmother, some attracted my attention more than others. It should come as no surprise that I was fascinated with those concerning the currently taboo topics of sexuality. From one such book, I learned that the age-old word Tantra encompassed far more than merely a set of techniques to be used in sexual union. I understood it to be more akin to a gateway. To enter the tantric portal is to explore multiple spheres of awareness, and expand beyond the basic flesh of our biological beings.
          The beauty of unlocking the universal mysteries of body, mind, spirit, and ultimately the heart, had all been completely abstract to me. Before Armory, my chances of having anything more than virtually-simulated sex, let alone loving another person deeply, were slim to none. I set aside Emma’s book and any consideration of exploring tantric concepts. Until I had primed my body by making love with Armory to sate my base carnal needs, it would have been impossible to understand what the ancient texts were attempting to convey.
          Now was the time to experiment and move beyond the great sex we had already shared. Before my body was to be physically penetrated and joined in union again, I would attempt to pierce the walls dividing our souls. My newly unparched form was more than ready to merge with the man I sat astride, but my brain ordered restraint.
          My hands slowly extended, finding Armory’s. I found each digit of his with my own until there were ten mutual connections established. My mind reached out simultaneously, and it felt as if an electrical circuit had been completed as I opened myself to becoming one with the man. As if activating a hidden switch, I felt a warmth enter my being that had been missing since I had disconnected with Fido.
A complex universe, with constant ebb and flow
Behind drawn curtains angels do not dare to show

          It was time to pull the curtains back a bit farther. It was clear that many truths had been kept from me, and in my innocence and ignorance, I had not thought to question enough. There was indeed more hidden beneath the surface that I wanted to know.
Gemma didn’t question, but Crystal Raven damn sure wants the truth.

          I channeled the Goddess Kali that I had read about. I had been frightened of an illustration I had seen of her brandishing a “sword of truth” and chopping off heads. Ghastly images when taken literally, but no more grotesque than when I non-figuratively cut men down with my rifle. From my own experience, I finally understood. Just like in Kali’s drawing, one deadly hand severed the illusions with a blade while her opposite hand carried a lotus, the symbol of creation. Everything was balanced.”

As an author of erotic science fiction, Crystal Raven is an archetypical seeker of sovereignty in all forms and facets whose desire is to ignite and spread the flames of passion and freedom amongst humanity. Walking the self-determined path of the hero's journey, Crystal is committed to personal and planetary evolution.​

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