Mr. Raven Q & A V

Q: Gemma’s Virtual Mirrors obviously takes place in the future, but when exactly? Is there a reason you avoided naming the year her adventure took place?
A: You mean, will take place, as she is living the future, isn’t she? There are several reasons for this. While Gemma does make references to certain past events, such as her musical likes from the late 20th century, or the United States in the 1980’s, these references to the Gregorian calendar are a reflection on her love of history. A new yearly calendar, one mandated by law, started after a “Great Reset” and establishment of the New World Order. Just as the Julian calendar was superseded by the Gregrorian, the following NWO system for counting years is a sore spot for Gemma. She is loath to use it, as she was born just before it’s implementation and she hates being forced to use it.

Q: That makes sense.
A: It also makes sense from a writer's viewpoint. While we are currently headed on a trajectory that will see many of Gemma’s future tech come to reality, predicting exactly when a future event will occur is a crazy gambit. How many times have we seen science fiction writers of the past choose a date that made them look foolish? “2001: A Space Odyssey” is a prime example. We weren’t anywhere near that level of space exploration 20 years ago. Likewise, the original “Blade Runner” had a depiction of Los Angeles with flying cars and replicant humanoids a bit early. The year was supposedly 2019.

Q: Clearly that didn’t happen. I see what you mean. Such as the television show “Space; 1999”. We were expected to have a permanent moon base by 1999?
A: Yes, I remember that! It seemed possible at the time since that placed it three decades beyond the first moon landing of Apollo 11. When you consider three decades before, in 1939, we were still flying propeller driven aircraft and hadn’t broken the sound barrier, thirty years didn’t seem like too wild of a prediction. We could go on and on with other examples, but Virtual Mirrors avoids that pitfall. I hope it’s clear enough that Gemma’s summer adventure is only one or two generations ahead. Her grandmother is probably a young girl right now, collecting the books that she will share with her own daughter, and ultimately her granddaughter, Gem.

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