Mr. Raven Q & A II

Q: How did this story form for you?
A: The story evolved in real-time, using the Hero’s Journey as an outline. Gemma’s goals are clear, but how would she find them in a future world that is set up to thwart her goals? When I started, I wasn’t even sure how Gemma would get across the finish line, so each chapter is a stepping stone leading to the next.

Q: What does the hero’s journey mean to you?
A: It means a framework that readers can relate too. The hero’s journey is a classic structure that allows for character development. At least some of the elements are common in every epic tale, from Ancient Greek to The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars. To deviate too far from this path causes a subliminal discomfort in a reader.

Q: Subliminal discomfort?
A: Yes. The reader may not even be aware, but when they see the hero reap rewards without any cost of effort, it feels empty and unsettling. We all know it takes effort and sacrifice to reach our goals. Athletes train for years to reach Olympic levels. Scholars study for years to master their scientific or creative fields as well. There must be a journey full of trials, and even failures, so that we can grow. It reminds me of my favorite quote from Thomas Paine: Those things we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly…” We don’t like cheap characters. We bond with those who struggle to win, just as we do.

Q: Why did you choose to write from the female perspective?
A: For practical reasons, I felt that women would initially be the majority of the reading audience in this particular genre. However, I made certain that there is enough of a balance between the erotic and science-fiction elements to make the story universally appealing to any sex. It has been my goal to add to the legacy of strong female characters in science fiction. The character of Ripley in the Alien series being one of many examples of such.

As an author of erotic science fiction, Crystal Raven is an archetypical seeker of sovereignty in all forms and facets whose desire is to ignite and spread the flames of passion and freedom amongst humanity. Walking the self-determined path of the hero's journey, Crystal is committed to personal and planetary evolution.​

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