Mr. Raven on 5 Hacks on Becoming a Great Author

  1. Confidence. Have confidence in yourself and quit stalling. You don’t need to be the “greatest” author, but with that story in your head, you already are an author. If you are thinking about writing, you are already probably better than you think. The story is in there, so let it out! Incorporating elements in the story you already have learned or know something about also bolsters your confident voice.
  2. Read. You’ve been reading all your life. What is it that you liked about your favorite authors? Look at what you’ve written and ask yourself, “Would I want to read this if it was written by someone else?” If the answer is yes, then you are at least as good as some of the authors you have been enjoying all these years. You’ll only get better, and your own personal style will develop.
  3. Research. Unless you know everything about the subject at hand, or are creating a fantasy out of whole cloth, research is key. Details of equipment, procedures, history, etc., are key to a realistic and convincing story. Taking a shortcut in this area blows credibility and might detract from an otherwise brilliant story. For example, I’m sure Grisham knew plenty from his own experiences as an attorney when he wrote his first novel, “A Time to Kill.” By comparison, I would have to do hours of research before I could incorporate a convincing courtroom scene.
  4. Mentors. Find a mentor and ask for feedback. Most of us don’t correspond regularly with best-selling authors, but we should be able to find intelligent and well-read colleagues that can encourage and guide us. It may be a college professor, best friend, or reading group that fuels us. For me, author Adora Winquist was the key to launching the Virtual Mirrors project. Her insight and motivation as a mentor can not be overstated.
  5. Start small. Related to confidence, completing a short story will help build confidence if that is lacking. Stephen King is known for lengthy novels, upwards of 1000 pages, but some of my favorite works of his are the novellas. I especially liked the one that later became the movie “The Shawshank Redemption.” Getting a shorter story under your belt leads to the realization that a longer novel is just a series of linked shorter stories. You don’t have to lead off with a “War and Peace” epic.

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