Crystal Raven Interview Excerpt III

Q: Can you speak more to the idea of a ‘Virtual Mirror’?
A: Human nature longs for expression. As men and women, we desire physical attraction and chemistry. We have a need for intellectual compatibility, emotional intimacy and spiritual understanding. This search may last a lifetime or close to it. We may never find that other soul, or virtual mirror, that matches us and completes us. Yet when we do, it changes everything. When we are loved, respected and understood for all of who we are, from our greatness to our frailties, it heals places within that have otherwise been untouched. From a higher perspective, this nature of sacred relationship opens alchemical aspects of our sensuality to expand our ability to consciously create great abundance and joy. This is the beauty and power of finding one's virtual mirror.

Q: Later in the journals, there is mention of the term tantra. Can you talk more about this?
A: There are many variations of tantra from yoga to sexual practice. I view tantra as a higher alchemical process that is more than sex, or even great sex. There are a host of connections, rather conditions for true tantra to be activated. The alchemical container between the two individuals must be prepared and purified as such. Each individuals personal struggles and inherent distorted perceptions of themselves and the opposite sex must be brought to a place of balance. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual points of connection cannot be based on superficiality, manipulative gain or pure pleasure. It is the communion of two individuals, strong and healthy in their own right and nature, who open their hearts, their emotions and deep places of vulnerability to each other. Their understanding and appreciation of each other can heal wounds that they have carried in this life, creating greater freedom of self expression and happiness. Stay tuned for more on this fascinating subject.

As an author of erotic science fiction, Crystal Raven is an archetypical seeker of sovereignty in all forms and facets whose desire is to ignite and spread the flames of passion and freedom amongst humanity. Walking the self-determined path of the hero's journey, Crystal is committed to personal and planetary evolution.​

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